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Company History

Stahlman Pool Company is a sister company to Stahlman Landscape Company. Dean Stahlman, the owner of Stahlman Landscape has offered decades of landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to Southwest Florida. In 2006 he and Ed Turnipseed saw the need for pool maintenance, equipment repairs and renovations within the communities they served. They started small by hiring a couple of pool service technicians. It didn’t take longer before the trademark customer service and attention to customer’s needs became a household name. Stahlman Pool Company provides both residential and commercial pool maintenance from Marco Island to Ft. Myers. No pool is too big or too small.

Pool Equipment & Services by Stahlman Pool Company family owned and operated - Naples, Florida - Marco Island, Florida - Estero, Florida - Bonita Springs, Florida - Fort Myers, Florida

In Collier County Since 1965

Pool Equipment & Services by Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida - Marco Island, Florida - Estero, Florida - Bonita Springs, Florida - Fort Myers, Florida
Team and Pool Technicians at Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Team Leaders and Technicians

All of our pool service technicians are trained and experienced in the pools that they service. With many years in combined experience, there are no pool problems that cannot be solved. Our commercial pool technicians are Certified Pool Operators on the County and National levels. Both residential and commercial pool service technicians attend factory training provided by the manufacturers that make your pool equipment. Hayward, Jandy, Pentiar and Aquacal reps bring their equipment to us. We also hold strong relationships with these reps for support when needed. You can count on Stahlman Pool Company to keep your pool and spa equipment healthy and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly pool service includes: chemicals added to balance water chemistry, clean waterline tiles, skim surface of water to remove debris, vacuum pool every other week, brush pool walls every other week, clean filter cartridge once per month. The pool technician also visually inspects the pool equipment each week and reports problems to the office.

Our pool technicians will add water to the pool while they are working on the cleaning. The water must be off once they leave the property. If pools require additional water, we provide installation options for autofill systems.

Anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on the care that is needed to maintain the pool as clean and healthy.

No, the summer months are the most important in caring for a pool. The heat and the rain will deplete the chemical levels in the pool, and the service will still be needed on a weekly basis.

8 hours of circulation is recommended for most pools, but may vary based on size. For clarification, call our office anytime.

This indicates and algae bloom, which can easily be treated. If the customer notices this, it’s best to call the pool office immediately for treatment and/or evaluation. There may be underlying environmental or equipment issues that are in need of attention.

Check the breaker, make sure it is in the “on” position. Make sure the heater is turned “on”. If heater is controlled by automation, it may need to be “off” at the unit for the automation to control it.

Run the heater through the night to keep the pool at the desired temperature. Place a blanket over the pool to keep the water warm through the night.

Yes, leave written instructions as well as an operation manual. Or install automation that offers simple remote control function for convenience.

Yes, call our office for a competitive quote.

Yes, call our office for a competitive quote.

Yes, call our office for a competitive quote.

Yes, call our office anytime to pay by credit card.