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Residential Home FAQs

Not necessarily. Paying retail for the chemicals to balance the water chemistry can be expensive. And if you’re a busy person and cannot devote the time and attention to your swimming pool, then it will cost more in specialty chemicals and products to treat the problems that will arise from neglect. You can’t afford not to have a professional service provider care for your pool!

That if false. A salt system will generate chlorine for your swimming pool, however the pool will still need to be brushed and vacuumed regularly. There are other chemicals that will need to be added to the pool for proper water chemistry. The equipment and salt system controller will need to be manually maintained. There is still human interaction for the proper pool care to keep your pool healthy.

Call our office and request a service proposal. One of our field supervisors will stop by to look at your pool and equipment. Based on volume and service needs we will offer a written service proposal which will outline our service. We can begin servicing your pool immediately!

Commercial FAQ's

Yes, that is allowed by state code. This individual must be CPO certified by the Health Department or a national organization to have the knowledge for the operation of public pools.

No, the Health Department does not allow animals in the pool or on the pool deck, unless it’s a service animal.

Yes, the cover can only be used if the pool is inaccessible to the public. The gates onto the pool deck must be locked until the cover is removed .

Hotel FAQs

Yes, if the Health Department requires a divider road, it’s so that a distinction can be made between the sudden drop or rise in slope for the pool flow. The rope must be attached tightly at all times.

Yes, according to the size of the pool and equipment, there is a maximum bather load that is specified on the Pool Rules sign which should be visible on the pool deck.

Yes, the Health Department requires for a life ring w/ throw rope, and a life hook to be visible and in good condition at all time in case it’s needed for an emergency.