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Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone recovering from Hurricane Irma. While we at Stahlman pool company were somewhat heavily impacted by the storm, we feel fortunate to say that things could have been a lot worse. We are currently working to repair vehicles damaged by the hurricane, as well as reestablish power and a network connection at our Pool Company headquarters. All of our technicians are eager to get back to servicing our customers as soon as possible.

In the meantime, its important to us that our customers understand the process that follows the effects of a natural disaster such as Irma. Your pool is technically not safe to swim in until debris have been removed and the water has been treated. Mass amounts of foreign bacteria may have been introduced to your clean pool water following the storm, many of which can cause illness and skin/eye irritation. We all know everyone wants to go for a swim to escape the Florida heat, but please wait for your pool to be serviced first.

Another aspect of the recovery phase following Irma may include having your pool resurfaced. This can include but is not limited to having cracks and leaks sealed and your pool retiled. Hurricane Irma brought ample amounts of rain and cause massive storm surge. Therefore, cracking can be expected due to the overfilling of your pool.

Exterior damage to the screen enclosures is something that we’ve also been seeing a lot of. In many cases entire enclosures have actually collapsed (Pictures Below). Many fountains and statues have crumbled under the devastating winds brought in by Irma. Heaters and Pumps may have been crushed by fallen trees. While much of the damage caused was significant, rest assured it can be repaired in due time.