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Solar Blanket Pool Equipment & Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are commonly used in Southwest Florida to hold the heat in the pool water during the months when we have cooler air temperatures. If you heat the pool during the day with the pool pump running, then cover the pool with a solar blanket through the night when the pump shuts down you are likely to have some heat left in the water by the morning. This is ideal for those who like to swim early in the morning. And don’t have time to wait for the heater to run and heat the pool. Also, solar covers can reduce evaporation and cut pool heating costs up to 70%. Another popular option is the liquid solar blanket. This is a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that is added to the pool water and creates a blanket effect on the surface of the water to reduce evaporation and hold the heat in.


  • Set up an appointment for an onsite consultation.
  • Measure pool(s) to determine proper sizing for solar blanket.
  • Offer estimate for parts and labor to install solar blanket and associated parts, ie: blanket roller with straps.
  • Install solar blanket and associated parts.
  • Offer instructions (if requested) for customer to cover and uncover pool as needed.
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