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Commercial Pool Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Commercial Pool Services

Commercial Pools require daily interaction for proper care, sanitation and equipment maintenance. If your pool or spa is inspected routinely by the Health Department, then daily logs for chemical readings are required. We offer service plans to meet the needs of your community. We have friendly courteous technicians that are Certified Pool Operators. They have training and experience in cleaning the pools and spas, and also the me mechanical workings of the equipment. Our typical pool service plan is as follows:


  • Test and balance pool and spa water daily.
  • Scrub waterline tiles 3 times per week.
  • Brush interior surface of pools two times per week.
  • Vacuum pool floors one time per week.
  • Backwash pool filters once per week.

We have a full service repair staff that can handle pump and plumbing repairs. We can repair pool and spa heaters. We can make auto-fill repairs and repair pool lights. We can remove old equipment and install new energy efficient equipment to save money on electrical bills.


We have professionals in the areas of leak detection and pool renovations.

Commercial Pool Equipment & Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

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For many hotels, the swimming pool may be the only amenity. This makes it very important that the pool is clean, heated and running properly at all times. Especially during those seasonal times when the hotel is booked with guests. Have Stahlman Pool Company provide your pool service and you will have happy guests who will return to stay over and over.

Physical Therapy Facilities
Stahlman Pool Company can provide cleaning and maintenance for your therapy pool or spa. Many health professionals use heated spas for the relief of muscle pain from medical procedures and arthritis. Also for physical therapy after surgeries and procedures. With a busy schedule for patients to use the spa throughout the day, Stahlman Pool Company can make regular visits during a time outside of the patient schedule.

All of our technicians are screened and background checks are performed in order to meet our strict requirement for new hire employment.