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Community & HOA Pool Services

Our commercial pool and spa maintenance plans are designed to keep all bodies of water sanitary for public use and for compliance with Health Department regulations for public swimming. We also strive to meet the needs of each community individually. A condominium or HOA swimming pool and spa is a valuable amenity. We treat it as such and follow this maintenance schedule:


  • Test and balance pool and spa water, provide chemicals as needed
  • Log chemical readings in Health Department Log
  • Clean waterline tiles
  • Brush pool walls as needed
  • Vacuum pool floor weekly
  • Clean filters weekly
  • Clean ladders and grab bars as necessary
  • Maintain appropriate water level
  • Keep skimmer openings void of algae
  • Visually inspect all pool and spa equipment, report issues and/or concerns for management’s knowledge

Additional services are available upon request:

  • Stain treatments, stain prevention products
  • Phosphate treatments
  • Leak detection and/or repair
  • Water feature, fountain care
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Resurfacing and renovations
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