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Algae Removal & Prevention Pool Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Algae Removal and Prevention

If you are battling algae in your swimming pool, we can offer a pool cleanup and treat the pool to remove the algae. We can then balance out the water properly to prevent the algae from re-occurring. Keeping proper water chemistry is an integral part of preventing algae growth. There are also many different types of algae, and they come from many different sources. Knowledge and experience come into play when dealing with algae buildup in your pool Some types of algae are resistant to the traditional chemicals that are used to balance pool water, and stronger treatments may be needed. Also, evaluation of nearby sources that are causing the algae growth can be important in treating and preventing algae. Call Stahlman Pool Company if you are having trouble with algae growth in your pool.


  • Make an appointment to meet and discuss pool condition.
  • Offer an estimate for the process of testing the pool problems to determine what is causing the algae and/or staining. Then to treat and eliminate the problem.
  • Return for follow up after treatment and to ensure equipment is operating efficiently to keep the pool clean and sanitary.
  • Make recommendations on supplements that may help to eliminate further issues.
Algae Removal & Prevention Pool Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

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