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Leak Detection & Repair Pool Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Leak Detection & Repair

If you need to add water to your pool constantly, maybe your pool has a leak? Leaks are common and can cause for high water bills and wasted precious water. Your pool will require more chemicals if the pool is leaking. The costs can add up. We have leak detection and repair professionals who are experienced and dedicated to finding and repairing leaks to keep your pool operating properly.


  • Make an appointment for a consultation to visually inspect pool equipment and determine if there are leaks that are causing for the pool to lose water.
  • Offer an estimate to perform leak detection. Explain the process. Explain how finding and repairing the pool leak can help to save money, rather than losing money on lost water and chemicals.
  • Perform the leak detection and repair.
  • Explain how to monitor and make sure the pool is not requiring more fill water than necessary during the dry season.
Leak Detection & Repair Pool Service | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

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