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Pool Equipment Installation & Repair

Determining the proper type and size of pool equipment will be the most important aspect of how well your pool operates and filters for the life of the pool. Sometimes large residential pools may not have enough filtration built into the design. Sometimes the design of the plumbing may hinder the flow of the water as it filters and returns back to the pool or spa. With commercial applications, engineers are utilized to follow guidelines on capacity and flow rate. At times it could even be possible that a pool equipment design it to large and possibility might be that a more cost effective design can be achieved. If you are interested to install new equipment, upgrade your existing equipment, or determine if your plumbing is allowing for efficiency with your circulation system, call our office to set up a free consultation with an equipment installation expert.


  • Schedule a free consultation to meet with you at your pool.
  • Evaluate your equipment and make recommendations for any changes that could benefit your pool and/or your wallet.
  • Create an estimate to show recommendations.
  • Upon acceptance, install new equipment.
  • Offer instructions on how to operate new equipment.
  • If needed, coordinate warranty for any repair that fall under the terms of the warranty.
Equipment Installation & Repair Pool Equipment & Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

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