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Renovation & Design Pool Services | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

Commercial Pool Resurfacing

The life of a pool can depend on many factors. The pool finish, tile and coping are each affected by water chemistry and how well the pool is cared for. When a pool is in need of resurfacing, structural repairs, underground pluming repair/replacement—call Stahlman Pool Company.


When resurfacing your pool or spa, there are many factors to consider when hiring a professional to do the work. First, you want to check and make sure the contractor has the proper licensing. Second, you want to make sure to work with an individual who has many years of experience. There is no telling what kind of surprises can expose themselves once your renovation is under way. Make sure to choose a professional that purchases quality materials from a company that also offers warranty on the material. Lastly, make sure the old materials will be removed before the new materials are installed. By doing this, your pool or spa will be new again.


If your condo hot tub is leaky, stained and unappealing call us for a full evaluation. The hot treated water takes it’s toll on the materials that make up the interior of the spa as well as the underground plumbing. Under the spa, the PVC may be old and brittle. And the cracks and leaks can cause high water consumption which equates to high water bills. Sometimes the leaks are repaired in multitude. A permanent repair would be to expose the under plumbing and therapy lines, replace them and install new jet fittings and nozzles so that all is new again.

Residential Pool Resurfacing

Does your pool look dirty even when it’s clean? Does your pool have staining that cannot be eliminated with a stain treatment or an acid wash? If so, it might be time for the interior of the pool to be resurfaced. Since water can be aggressive by nature, over the course of many years the existing pool finish will begin to wear away. Etching and staining can occur. The metals that have built up in the pool water can stain the finish causing unsightly blemishes. Once the interior of the pool is resurfaced, it can look new again. There are many additional options for upgrades at the time of resurfacing. Choose a whole new color scheme or pattern by installing new waterline tile and coping. New swim-outs and ledges could be installed. For options on resurfacing your swimming pool, call us for a free estimate.

All of our technicians are screened and background checks are performed in order to meet our strict requirement for new hire employment.

Design Your Dream Backyard

This customer wanted a custom water feature built in actual stone. They wanted their pool renovated, adding a beach entry and extra benches and swim-outs. They wanted their pool deck renovated with flag stone, and tropical landscaping installed.


We took the description of what they wanted, designed it, had engineering drawings made and then built it. It was a 4 month project.


The results are beautiful.

Spa Facelift

Many of Collier and Lee County’s condo spas leak water from the old, brittle underground plumbing. And the interior finish wears out due to the hot chemically treated water.


We drain the spa, expose and remove the old plumbing. Install new return lines and therapy lines. Then resurface the interior and install new waterline tile and/or coping.


This spa facelift includes all new underground plumbing.

Let Us Help You Design your New Pool!

Are you thinking about making upgrades to your swimming pool?

If it’s time to resurface your swimming pool, this is also the perfect time to install new tile on the interior of the pool, the spa, and on the front of the spa spillover. Over time, trends change. If your tile is outdated, you can bring the whole look of your pool up to date. You can click on the NPT tile button to find a color and pattern that can blend with the other colors on your deck. Or you can completely transform your pool’s look with all new colors and patterns. Click here to view tile options, or click on the catalog for a broad range of materials that extend beyond the water’s edge.

See something you like? Come to the showroom, where samples await. You can take samples back to your pool to see how they look. If you’re out of town, we can ship you samples. It’s as easy 1,2,3!

The NPT Tile Collection - Pool Renovation & Design | Stahlman Pool Company - Naples, Florida

We can remove old equipment and install new energy efficient equipment to save money on electrical bills.