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Nothing is better than the mid-spring months in Florida. From the iconic Florida Palm Trees blowing in the wind, to the beautiful weather the Sunshine State is known for, it’s no wonder so many people are taking an interest in having their own pool built.


New pool owners often underestimate the work and dedication it takes to keep a pool maintained. Not only should the pool itself be cleaned and chemically cleansed weekly, but motors, pumps, and filters must be adjusted and washed at the same time.
While it may sound simple, the machinery that controls the pools water and salt levels is not something that should be modified by those lacking proper knowledge. One wrong valve turned and you may wake up the next day to find your pool empty.


Making sure the pool is chemically balanced is also a very important service that Pool Cleaning companies provide. A pool that is not chemically stable can lead to skin and eye irritation as well as infection. If your pool is open to a community, this is especially important as poor maintenance can lead to pool closure.


Ultimately, hiring a pool service provider will help you keep peace of mind and will save you plenty of time. Not only will the service providers maintain the pool and its working parts but they will also keep the water chemicals balanced preventing injuries to swimmers. If you are interested in using Stahlman Pool Company as you primary pool care service provider, fill out our contact page at: http://stahlmanpool.com/contact/


Candice Eisenhower
August 14, 2018

I do agree that an expert is required to wash and modify the motors, pumps, and filters of your pool to make sure that it’s clean and maintained on a weekly basis. It does make sense because ignoring these simple measures can make your pool dirty and damage the engine that runs with it leading to further costs. I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen in my newly-build swimming pool which is why I will look for a pool service company that knows exactly what to do in maintaining its cleanliness and operation.

Deb Pearl
August 28, 2017

We recently bought a new house with a pool and honestly, we are getting sick of cleaning it and don’t think we are doing a good job by ourselves. We are thinking about hiring a pool cleaning service. I’m happy to hear that they can make sure that our pool is chemically stable! That would be a great help! Thanks for all the helpful tips!

Tyler Meredith
April 18, 2017

It’s interesting that the chemical balance is a big part of pool maintenance that not a lot of individuals can achieve. It makes sense that a professional pool maintenance company would be able to measure and change the chemical balance to ensure quality water. I’ll have to remember this for my home because I’ve never cared for a pool before and I don’t want any problems with it.

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